The Weekly Five - Mini Workbenches

The Weekly Five is all about mini woodworking benches.

I plan on building a mini woodworking bench for smaller projects and detailed work. I think it would be really useful for small hand tool work. There are a lot of designs and opinions out there so I went to YouTube for inspiration.

UPDATE: Laura Kampf posted a video on her mini woodworking workbench the day after this post went up. A coincidence? I think not. It has been added to the list below.

The five most interesting videos (in my opinion) are listed below. I've selected videos from Laura Kampf, Adrian Preda, Fine Woodworking, Jason Young, and Alans Woodworking.

After you watch the videos, let me know what you think. If you were building one, what would you add, take away, or change?

I needed a bench for fine woodworking but i didn´t want to dedicate the space to another fullsize bench so i built this mini tabletop workbench - also great for smaller shops! thank you ROCKLER for sponsoring this project-the vise with the built-in benchdog is awesome!
Vice setup and the bench dogs video: Since I don't have the proper space to fit a normal size and steady workbench to do even small chiseling and planing tasks, I came up with this tiny bench that can be fitted on any table, clamped or even work on the floor similar to japanese planing boards.
Learn how setting an auxiliary workbench atop your main bench can make detail work, and even handplaning a whole lot easier.
Building a bench Top woodworking Workbench, Jeff Miller, Holtzapffel Workbench, Twin Screw Vise, Quick Release Tail Vise, Lee Valley Vise Screws, Roubo workbench
This workbench is great if you don't have much room, or even a workshop. Just clamp it to a suitable surface and you can glue, plane, cut and drill to your hearts content and when you're done, just unclamp it and put it away.